28/09/2011  -   Full CD "Odi Et Amo"

After more than 3 years of silence, IDID is back with a full CD "ODI ET AMO" with Caroline Van Even on vocals. We're looking for new musicians to complete the band. If interested (drums - bass) please contact us ASAP (vampire@in-darkness-i-dwell.com) !!

15/03/2008  -   IDID enters the final of the Metal Battle !!!

Yes, IDID plays the final!! We'd like to thank everybody from the organisation for their warm welcome, the nice cooperation and the great atmosphere. And of course the public for their positive reactions and their appreciation for Tessa and the other bands for their friendship and last but not least Tom for his contribution to this succes. For us it didn't feel like a 'battle'. Being our first gig ever this was a great experience we all enjoyed. We've been working hard the last weeks and our efforts have been rewarded. IDID couldn't have had a better start. We hope to see you all at the final where we will be playing some brand new songs!! As already announced this was the first and last gig for our drummer Walter and there's one thing for sure : He can leave the band with his head held high! Thanx, buddy!!

08/02/2008  -   Metal Battle

IDID joins the 'Metal Battle'.
SATURDAY March 15th (6 PM)
Juvenile club OHK
Christinastraat 113
8400 Oostende

Tom (Mordacity) will join us on bass for this gig. Thanx for helping us out !

10/11/2007  -   Tessa "Angel of Death" completes the band


Tessa Leempoels is the new singer of IDID. More info about her can be found on the 'Band'ís page. We hope that the annoying changing of singers belongs to the past and we're working hard on the new songs.

Every now and then we send a newsletter. If you're interested, you can subscribe by clicking the 'darkmail' button in the upper right corner.


16/06/2007  -   Release Mini-CD


After some administrative troubles we're proud to announce the release of our first mini-CD.

It took us more or less a year, but then again it was our first experience with new tools, new environments, new musicians and a new style. Like we said, a start from scratch. We kindly thank everyone who helped us throughout this process and we hope you like the result.

Unfortunately we have to announce that Leen has decided to part ways. We wish her all the best for the future and her musical carreer. So we're looking for a new female singer. If you're interested, you can contact us at info@in-darkness-i-dwell.com.


14/03/2007  -   Recordings of mini-CD finished


The recordings in the "Simple Sound Studio" have come to an end. Eddy can start mixing and mastering the CD. We hope to be ready in a few weeks and we're looking for a company to press our CD (500 ex.)

If you're interested, you will be able to order our first masterpiece here, but we'll let you know how and when. In the meantime you can listen to some samples and one full track in the section 'Discography'.

Songs for a second CD are being written, and there's a title "Odi Et Amo". It will contain an intro, 10 new songs and an outro. We'll keep you informed.